Matt Henderson, talking about why he is switching away from the universally loved Ristretto:

> First, its vertical orientation. When all my gear is packed in the bag, it’s quite tight in depth (from front to back). However, since it’s tall, there’s still a lot of unused (and unusable) volume in the top of the bag.

That’s a really astute point and one that becomes very annoying when you are trying to cram a bunch of crap into the bag to get home. I ran into that a bunch when I had the bag, but I never put it together as being part of the vertical nature of the bag.

Henderson bought the Co-Pilot (a bag that has always interested me) and has some good thoughts on his limited usage of the bag thus far.

The one thing I cannot be convinced of is that the Dyneema nylon looks good. I like the checkerboard design on the inside of the bag, but it looks silly to me on the exterior.

Posted by Ben Brooks