GORUCK GR1 Field Pocket

This handy add on makes a great camera pouch inside your GR1.

Since I decided to make the GR1 my full-time backpack from now on (hopefully this is it for me), I decided to also pick up a GR1 Field Pocket (I also grabbed a couple reverse flag patches, one for the GR1 and one for the Field Pocket). The field pocket I picked up is ‘Coyote’ colored, which I chose just to make the pocket visible inside the bag. Overall the color is just fine — I wouldn’t want my entire bag that color, but inside the bag it makes for a nice accent.

With OM-D E-M5 and extra lens in the pocket.

When I bought the Field Pocket I figured I would use it in the same way I used other Tom Bihn pockets: As a pouch containing chargers for traveling, so all I need to do when packing for a trip is grab that pouch and rest assured that all the chargers and cables I could need, are packed.

Indeed, the Field Pocket works really well for that task, but I found a better use for it.

The GR1 Field Pocket is extremely well made. It has thick walls, nice pockets and since I have been making an effort to take more photos with the GX1, I have been carrying the camera and an extra telephoto lens around with me. Carrying those two items with me works out well, but I had no place to put them. Surprisingly both the GX1 and telephoto lens fit exceedingly well in the Field Pocket along with other accessories I need to carry. (Memory cards, straps, cables, etc.)

In essence my Field Pocket is now a camera bag for the GX1, and just happens to be able to attach inside, or outside, my GR1 if needed. ((What’s with all these G-something-1 names?))

GORUCK mentions a lot of uses for the Field Pocket — and I can see this being a versatile pouch — personally I think it makes a great little camera kit.

Some Notes on Attaching the Field Pocket

GORUCK has a post on how to attach things with Molle webbing, so that’s a good place to start.

I want to mention a few things I noticed:

  • With my camera gear in the Field Pocket, and the pocket attached to the top section inside the GR1, the bag becomes very top heavy when there is no laptop in it. This is fine for long travel, but on a day-to-day basis it will prove annoying as the bag constantly flops to a horizontal position.
  • When attaching the Field Pocket inside the bag, mount it with the handle on top, as it’s hard to open the other way around.
  • I keep the zippers closed off to the side of the Field Pocket, instead of at the bottom, so that the pulls don’t interfere with using the built-in pouch inside the GR1.
  • While you can still get an iPad in and out of the built-in pouch, it makes it a lot more difficult with the Field Pocket in place.


I am pretty happy with the Field Pocket. The construction quality matches the bag, and it’s proving to be truly useful.

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