Paul Graham following up on a controversial quote that was attributed to him from the $400/year *The Information*:

> “We” doesn’t refer to society; it refers to Y Combinator. And the women I’m talking about are not women in general, but would-be founders who are not hackers.

> I didn’t say women can’t be taught to be hackers. I said YC can’t do it in 3 months.

> I didn’t say women haven’t been programming for 10 years. I said women who aren’t programmers haven’t been programming for 10 years.

> I didn’t say people can’t learn to be hackers later in life. I said people cannot at any age learn to be hackers simultaneously with starting a startup whose thesis derives from insights they have as hackers.

Of all people [Michael Arrington has a good take on the situation](

> And really, three sins were committed. The first was changing a quote. You just can’t do that, ever. The second was omitting contextual information which would have made the statement intelligible. And the third was taking a background discussion about Paul’s partner Jessica Livingston and turning it into an “interview” in the first place.

UPDATE: [Jessica Lessin has posted about this on her personal site]( (not the site in question). It’s a shit defense, and her reasoning for editing his quote makes zero sense — unless of course sensationalism is what they wanted.

Posted by Ben Brooks