Jessica E. Lessin:

If it wasn’t clear that Larry Page is playing—and winning—a game of chess against the rest of the technology industry, it has become clear in the past two weeks.
The Google CEO took aim at Apple and upgraded its entire hardware strategy by ditching struggling Motorola and buying Nest Labs, the thermostat company loaded with Apple alumni. And he made quick and shrewd acquisition of artificial intelligence company DeepMind, which Facebook had been interested in acquiring, landing a bunch of brains to help Google’s search and personalization services and beyond.

I can’t read the rest because it is behind a $400 paywall, but I can only assume the next line reads: April Fools.

Say he is playing chess all you want, but winning? He just sold a $12 billion dollar acquisition for less than $3 billion — how’s that winning. Are you telling me that this was his plan all along? If that’s what you are saying then you are a moron for thinking that is playing good chess.

And you declare him winning for buying Nest and DeepMind? How about we go ahead and wait to see what, if anything, Google does with those companies.

Posted by Ben Brooks