Brian Morrissey:

> The “organic” approach resembles the way ads are presented on social platforms. Facebook weaves ads within its news feed, much as Twitter does with promoted tweets that appear in its stream. Older content sites have mostly relied on advertising that’s off to the side. At a time when every marketer fancies itself a publisher, advertising units are becoming more entwined with non-advertising content, like it or not. The current vogue for native advertising is a reflection of the need for publishers to rethink how they present ads, like it or not.

So the ‘new’ design revolves around putting shitty ads in the middle of all *ten* of the articles you are *permitted* to read on The New York Times each month — oh, sorry, “organic” ads. What was I thinking, my apologies for forgetting the new marketing words “we” are using to try and hide the fact that ads are still fucking ads.

Carry on.

Posted by Ben Brooks