‘The Next-Gen Workspace’

From the nothing-new department, Ahmed Datoo:

> You might start your day at a stand-up desk, then switch to a couch in a lounge area to brainstorm with co-workers. Need to focus for a few hours? Try a designated quiet room. Want a little more stimulation to get your creativity flowing? Spend some time in a recreation room or cafe setting. To get that big project over the finish line, gather the team in a bullpen-style area, where they can feed off each other’s energy and determination.

So cool and modern.

Except that is basically how the office setup has been for a long time (minus the stand-up desks), just [take a look at Don Draper’s office set](http://midcenturymodernist.com/2010/culture/film-tv/mad-men-furniture-don-drapers-office/).

In Mad Men, Draper can be seen: sitting at his desk, standing at his desk, sleeping on his couch, meeting in cushy chairs, or on the couch, in a conference room, in the employee bullpen, and quietly thinking with his door closed.

Which is basically what Datoo described as the new “modern” office. Sometimes I read things like this and think we (the collective we) need to get over ourselves.