Another story, this one from Chris Ashworth, founder of Figure 53, not to be confused with FiftyThree, creators of Paper. Or, well, one of them.

Eight years ago, in 2006, I founded a company called Figure 53. We make tools for artists. We spend our days building products for OS X, iOS and the web.


So it was with some concern when two years ago, in 2012, I noticed a new company named FiftyThree. A company with a strikingly similar name to ours, making software for artists.

Phone calls were made, opinions expressed, trademark filings filed, filings rejected and amended, and in the end it appears as though they’re coming to some sort of reasonable conciliation. It’s interesting to me, though, that one company can so perfectly embody both the David and Goliath archetypes, in separate situations so remarkably similar in nature.

Posted by Pat Dryburgh