Josh Dickey:

CBS confirmed that Stephen Colbert will take over David Letterman’s slot on the Late Show.

When I was in high school I started watching Leno, I never liked it but it always served as the opening act for Conan which was on after. Once college started I ignored all these shows, and it wasn’t until after college that I started watching this type of program again. However this time I started to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and I loved those shows for a good while.

When NBC finally let Leno go this year, and Fallon took over, I watched closely to see what Fallon would do. To my surprise I really love the new Tonight Show — it feels fun to watch again, and often funny to watch.

Adding Colbert into the late night mix feels like a smart move, and I know I will be torn now about who to watch — then again I watch the shows the next day anyways.

This is an interesting ‘passing of the torch’ moment in late night comedy.

Posted by Ben Brooks