Here’s another addition of ‘your review doesn’t match your rating’. This time from Mark Goldstein, at the fantastic PhotographyBLOG, where he ends his Leica T Review as follows:

In summary the new Leica T is an incredibly well-built, beautiful camera that delivers excellent image quality, but it’s also a camera that’s frustrating to use (especially for power users), slow to focus, lacking in features and undeniably expensive. If ever there was a camera that you should try before you buy, the Leica T is definitely it…

He then goes on to give it four stars (out of five) and labels the camera ‘recommended’. Now, maybe you think that is in line with his concluding paragraph (I don’t), but then skip back up a couple paragraphs to:

Having said all of that, for us the Leica T ultimately doesn’t offer enough to satisfy either the camera-phone upgrader or the affordable Leica camp.

“It’s not great, but we recommend it.”

Posted by Ben Brooks