Updates From the Past

When I first started computing, updates were a rare thing. Sure they happened, but not often and not always for free. The updates had to be shipped to you, on some sort of physical media which was not only annoying, but slow as well.

Then the internet and software downloads came along and changed all that. Programs could be rapidly updated to take into account other changes to operating systems and time in general. Things became easier and faster. Good all around.

Then Apple’s App Stores came along. With the App Store updates and downloads and buying is easier and better than ever. Well, except that the App Store has thrown us back in time with app updates. Unless a developer requests the limited emergency update protocol, the nuclear option, it can take a week (or more, or less) to get an update to users.

Which really isn’t acceptable to anyone. Not developers, not users. Well, except maybe Apple, they seem happy to leave things as they are.

If something breaks in an app you rely on because Apple updated OS X, and you purchased that app from the App Store, well now you get to wait.

And wait.


What work?

Oh, there’s the update. Thanks Apple.