Yesterday Adobe had a big shindig where they updated a lot of their apps. I am a Creative Cloud user, so it was nice to see updates, but they are updates I really don’t care much about. ((Except better retina display support in InDesign, finally.))

There was one biggy for me: Lightroom for iPhone.

Adobe has had Lightroom out on the iPad for a bit now, and I really didn’t use it. It works well, but my photos are usually processed by the time they hit my iPad. So well, yeah, it was a convenient way to get photos from my Mac to iPad.

But on the iPhone? Well now. You see Lightroom can import all your snaps since the last Lightroom launch, and sync those back to your Mac/iPad Lightroom copies. And, oh baby, is that cool.

Lightroom still has a long way to go to be my only, or even favorite, image editing app on iOS, but it is going to close that gap quickly if you ask me.

Lightroom already made it to my iPhone main home screen.

Posted by Ben Brooks