CJ Chilvers:

I’m hoping Apple is smart enough to figure out what the majority of photographers need (which is probably 10% of what Lightroom CAN do), and concentrate on making that feature set fast, lightweight and fun. That may get me to switch from using separate apps for everything.

Here’s the features, off the top of my head, which I use in Lightroom:

  • Rating
  • Develop Presets
  • Noise Reduction
  • Exposure adjustment
  • Print dialog (for ICC color profiles)
  • Export Presets

That’s all I need. If Apple wants me to use Photos.app all I need are VSCO presets (or let me make my own) and excellent noise reduction. Lightroom has the best noise reduction, Aperture’s wasn’t even close. Give me those things and I will be very happy.

Posted by Ben Brooks