Fascinating new smart watch from Withings. It looks like a traditional analog watch, but contains all sorts of tech. For $390 it’s not cheap, but it also doesn’t look terrible — so there’s that.

The site is terrible as it hijacks your scrolling, but the highlights are:

  • Step tracking (it says distance too, but color me skeptical)
  • Swimming tracking (umm, ok?)
  • Sleep monitoring (when you fell asleep, how long, etc.)
  • Tap the glass twice to view alarms (sounds neat)
  • Vibration in the watch (used for alerts and alarms)

I list that out in regurgitative fashion because their website scrolls so terribly I wouldn’t want to subject you to it.

I have a watch with a vibrating alarm, and they don’t work all that well. At least mine isn’t strong enough to wake me.

That said, this is a better train of thought than every other smart watch I have seen.

Posted by Ben Brooks