A new method for chatting about podcast episodes and this site.

When I went to launch the new Podcast, I also went through a lot of trouble of trying to find a good chat system. After I killed the idea of recording live I figured there would be no use for a chat room so I dropped the idea. And then at the last minute I decided to toss up a Glassboard where I could host a ‘delayed’ chat — really a comment room instead of a chat room.

So far the Glassboard has worked well, with only 50-60 users, and only a few that are active. It has been quiet most days, but things that are brought up I have found genuinely interesting.

With the recent changes to Glassboard I’ve come to realize two things:

  1. This is not a good use for Glassboard. Glassbaord works fine, but what is said is private, and these discussion really shouldn’t be private.
  2. I’m limiting the potential chatters because I am choosing a service which I love to pay for, but others might (likely) do not love or want to pay for.

I’ve gone ahead and set up yet another WordPress site to host the chat for the Podcast and for this site. My goal is for me to not be overly involved, but rather get people talking in an informal setting.

You can check out the site here and do register (if you already have a account you can link it, but you cannot use the account you have on this site to login). I’ll be keeping a close eye on things and if they get shitty I will shut it down right away.

I also reserve the right ban people that act like douchebags.

Until then, let’s give this a try. Feel free to talk about anything, as the system is setup for Comments, Quotes, and Links to be shared.

Thanks for all the support, it has meant the world to me.

Note to Mobile Users

The site should work fine on mobile devices, but the P2 theme I am using wasn’t built for small screens and made itself view only on the iPhone. That was silly so I changed that, but I am still working on making the site more responsive — as of right now it looks crappy on your iPhone.

Believe me, I too want that fixed.

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