On the Surface Pro 3

Interesting thoughts from Mathis on the Surface Pro 3 and why he likes it. I personally find the Surface Pro 3 to be very compelling because the software my company uses is Windows only. I almost bought the Surface Pro 2, and I came very close to the Surface Pro 3.

Mathis may like the device, but the bad he pointed out turns me off from it completely. My biggest fears about trying to use something like the Surface Pro 3 are:

  • Losing Keyboard Maestro.
  • It just not being an outstanding device.

The iPad is an outstanding device, as is my MacBook Pro. So then the only use I would have for a Surface is as a secondary device to remove the need for VMware running Windows.

But then we are talking about $799 for a base model machine and I still have to buy the type cover. So really $928 all in. All that for a device I may not even like.

For less money I can buy an 11″ MacBook Air and install Windows on it (I already own Windows) in a native Bootcamp partition. Even if it turns out I don’t use Windows on the MacBook Air, I still have a MacBook Air. And I know the MacBook Air is outstanding with excellent battery life and something I will use with or without Windows on it.

And this is the problem Microsoft faces: I am someone that should buy the Surface, and yet every time I go to buy one I stop and think about it. Every time I come to the same conclusion: buying another Apple laptop makes more sense as it is better and cheaper than buying a Surface Pro. Until Microsoft can solve that for people like me, the device will continue to struggle.