This is the only option for ridding yourself of spam.

When I initially setup my Mac mini server, I did so by using the IMAP tools and SPAM filtering tools. Things started off just fine, but after a couple of months the SPAM I was getting started to get out of hand. SPAM messages were coming right through the SPAM filtering Apple was trying to do and was dirtying up my inbox — SPAM was driving me nuts. This amounts to 81 SPAM emails per day and I would say Apple’s system caught 20% of them.

I was pulling my hair out, so I turned to one of the oldest tools I have never used: SpamSieve. It has a lot of ringing endorsements and a great feature set. The key features for me:

  • It learns, and can learn/train remotely (ideal for a server setup).
  • It reports on how good of a job it is doing.
  • It colors SPAM messages to convey how confident it is about them.

I installed SpamSieve on 10/28/13 and I am only just now writing about it because I just cleared my SPAM folder of 750 emails and only one was a good email (a new newsletter). Wow. Talk about good.

SpamSieve reports:

  • 60% of my email is SPAM
  • 98.7% SPAM accuracy in catching that SPAM.

For a $30 app, this seems like an absolute steal of a deal for a problem that almost everyone faces. If you use email, I highly recommend SpamSieve. If you don’t use email, I’d love to know how you managed that.

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