Josh Ginter writing about Vesper:

If I find myself without a pen and memo book and I have a thought or journal idea, I quickly jot it down in Vesper. Once I get back to my written journal, I can write the contents of the note in my book and expand on them if necessary.

As I talked about with Patrick Rhone on my podcast, I will simply never understand this mindset of analog first tools. To me it is backwards: notes should be flowing back into apps like Vesper, not the other way around.

But all of that is beside the point of this link.

Because the point of this link is two-fold:

  1. Ginter has written an excellent review, and the accompanying photography is outstanding. If he keeps up this level of work I’m out of a gig.
  2. He makes some really good points about Vesper in general, which is worth reading if Vesper makes you scratch your head.

Ginter clearly loves the app, and it’s an odd app to love because on ‘paper’ there are so many better options (Simplenote to name one).

But as I said in my review of the app: “You either are compelled to use things you love because of practicality or because of the way they make you feel.”

Vesper sits next to Simplenote on my iPhone and I use Vesper for everything — unless I absolutely know I need that info back on my Mac. Simplenote is really only used to receive things from my Mac, because most of the time I just don’t need notes on all my devices, as I mostly just need them on a device I have with me.

Posted by Ben Brooks