The Airmail 2.0 Update

Airmail goes version two, and beats out for best Mac email client.

In my recent Airmail review, I talked about how I needed to wait for official Yosemite apps to make the final call between Airmail and Well, I now have both and Airmail got a big 2.0 update in the process.

My take is this: Airmail is better if your objective is no bullshit email. Airmail feels, acts, and generally is faster. It hooks directly up with: Droplr, Google Drive, Dropbox, CloudApp, Evernote, FTP, and Open Directory. It allows for Markdown (though in an odd manner) and other niceties such as OmniFocus integration.

Three features are what push me over the edge though: the Auto-BCC per account, delete key as archive by default, and the new design. I really like the new design, though the message list text feels a tad large. Oh and this is new to me, but if you hover your cursor over the heading text for the inbox you are in, there are some really slick filtering options there. is still really good and feels more powerful to me, but at the end of the day, I really just don’t want to fuck around with my email all that much. Rather than feeling powerful with my email, I’d just like to be done, and Airmail is better for that.

Well done. I’m converted.

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