Craig Mod:

We could have added a bit of thickness to the body — evening it out, for example, with the camera — giving you an additional hour or two of battery life. But, no, we wanted to keep it as thin as possible since we knew you’d veil our electronic surrogate baby in infertile silicon.

Mod has run into the same problem I am guessing most iPhone 6 owners have run into: this phone is fucking slippery. The rolled edges, the metal, the glass — save the camera bump — the entire phone is slick to hold. And big. Big and slippery. ((Sounds like XXX feature film.))

I bought a red silicon case for my iPhone 6 and I use it on the weekends when I am most likely to have it out near the kids (who constantly bump me). But I hate the case.

As Mod notes, you lose the best feature of the iPhone 6 when you add a case: the smooth feeling of swiping from side to side on the phone. That’s never felt better, but the case adds a lip, and so you lose that with a case.

It’s a tough call, and I doubt I ever put the case back on mine (and so I bought the AppleCare plan for it).

Posted by Ben Brooks