Thirty Two

Thirty two doesn’t sound as old as thirty one. And other odd things.

I’ve written lists about X things that I learned in X years before, but those seem rather boring these days. I’ve not marked every birthday I’ve had on this site, but I felt like this was a good one to mark. Mostly because I’m finally at a numerical age which I like. ‘Thirty two’ rolls nicely off the tongue and that pleases me greatly.

This year was a big one for me and it is marked by three major things I tried to achieve:

  1. Being patient
  2. Being kind
  3. Finding a better job

I failed on some, but wanted to quickly touch on all three.


I feel like in two-thirds of my life I’ve succeeded in this. On this site I feel like I’ve been very successful in being patient with my writing and reactions. I have no less than eight posts brewing right now and each gets better the longer I work on on them. I’ve felt very good about the posts I published this year.

I also feel like I’ve made good steps towards patience in the other parts of my life, but still yearn for more patience with my family. Toddlers are tough.


I largely feel like I have failed in this endeavor. I don’t know what others would say, but my own feelings on this are more important to me. I can do better to be more kind and I know it. I’ve moved this on to my list for the next year of my life.


Huge success here. As many of you probably know I started with MartianCraft last month and it has been fantastic thus far. Not much else to say.

A Note to Myself

Smile. Just remember to smile every time you are frustrated.


I’m really not looking forward to thirty three. I hate that number, as we’ve long had issues with each other.

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