Garrett Murray, disagrees with me that fixed-lens cameras take some getting used to:

There’s nothing to get used to with a fixed-lens camera. You can still use it point-and-shoot, or you can take the next step, learn more, and make better photos.

He makes good points, I still think it’s not the right camera to recommend to the non-photographically inclined. As I think it is harder to get used to zooming with your feet, and to find the composition for your one focal length instead of just “zooming” to make it work. Meaning, raise your camera to capture a stunning sunset, only to realize it looks too distant, or you are getting to little of the surroundings — you have to think about what might work, or forgo capturing it. Whereas most beginners would just “zoom” so it looks more like a postcard. ((I don’t mean that as an insult, just an example.))

I glossed over this whole position in my post because I’m still too new to only having a fixed lens camera. However, I did mostly shoot all my other cameras with just one lens. That said I still think there is a large distinction to be made, and a large enough one that beginners aren’t well suited towards fixed lens. ((Then again watch me change my mind in another month.))

Posted by Ben Brooks