The Lack of MagSafe

You’re charging it wrong.

It appears, if my RSS reader is any indication, that the lack of a MagSafe connector on the new MacBook is a “thing” now (it is replaced by the USB-C port). People are doing lots of math and lamenting over laptop cords they have tripped over in years past.

Rightfully so, I suspect the connector is just as firm as the Lightning connector used in iOS devices. You’d likely throw your new MacBook across the room if you tripped over the cable — just as you likely do with your iOS devices.

I’m sure you could all tell me a great many stories of the times you were charging your iPhone, or iPad, and set it down, only to trip over the cable and send the device crashing to the ground. Horror ensuing. AppleCare being used.

Actually, wait, that’s never happened to me. I’m guessing it hasn’t happened to me, because the simple fact is that most people charge their phones at night while they sleep and charge their iPads even more infrequently than that.

And that’s how the new MacBook is meant to be charged and used. It’s for people that won’t use their computer enough in one day to kill the battery, so you simply change how you use a computer. Instead of charging it every chance you get, you charge it at night while you sleep. And that’s it.

USB-C won’t cause more crashing MacBooks, just as long as you use the MacBook as it is intended: on battery power. That’s the direction computing is headed in: devices that only need to be charged while you sleep.

I use my computer all day long, or my iPad (the battery rating of the iPad and MacBook are very similar), and even I don’t think that I would need to charge the new MacBook most days while I work.

And I’m very excited about that.

I doubt I’ll ever trip over the cord of my MacBook, because I doubt I’ll ever be awake while I’m charging it. And that sounds even better than MagSafe to me. I can’t wait.

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