Month: May 2015



  • Quote of the Day: Jeff Abbott

    “One of the most important things I do on Sundays is clean off & dust my desk. Makes Monday so much better because at least 1 thing is right.” — Jeff Abbott

  • These Apple Watch settings make me less annoying

    Dave Caolo: That’s it. Now your iPhone and your Watch will remain silent whenever a notification arrives. Your Watch will tap your wrist, but no one will be aware. The Watch’s display won’t even light up unless you raise your arm, so you needn’t worry about bothering anyone, yet you never miss a notification. That’s […]

  • BitTorrent Sync vs Dropbox

    Matt Henderson: You can see that on my MacBook Air, this folder contains a bunch of “.bts” files—which are tiny “aliases” to the original files stored elsewhere. Now here’s what’s great—If I need an installer locally, I just double-click it, and it downloads in place! And when I’m finished with installer, I simply delete it […]

  • The Creative’s Workspace

    I’ll have more to write about on this later, but this is a fantastic post from Shawn. One thing that I really liked was this bit: This one’s a luxury, but it’s also so great. If you checked out the photos of Sean, Cameron, and/or Jeff’s offices you may have noticed that there were multiple […]

  • Samson Go Mic

    A great little travel microphone.

  • GORUCK for Sale – SOLD

    Selling my GORUCK shoulder bag, if anyone is interested. Looks like it isn't for sale anymore. SOLD thanks for playing.

  • Lockdown

    I’ve tried Authy, and I’ve tried 1Password for two factor authentication. Authy is meh. 1Password is really nice, but the two factor codes are so buried it’s a pain in the ass to get to them. And then there’s Lockdown and its simplicity is awesome. On the main screen I can see all the codes: […]

  • A Review of the Livescribe Smart Pen

    I wrote a little review of the Livescribe Smart Pen for Tools & Toys. Fun little device.

  • The Man Who Deleted All His Tweets

    Brent Simmons: What I don’t have yet, though, is a replacement micro-blogging system. I’m going to let that just be an unmet need for now. Perhaps it’s the grain of sand that irritates me into generating a pearl. And perhaps not. Exactly the reason I started a private Slack with just fellow nerds. It’s really […]

  • UnderFit: Incredibly Comfortable Undershirts

    New KickStarter campaign for easily the best undershirts you can buy. Huge fan of these shirts.

  • ‘Distractions’

    Nice piece from Matt on what I suspect will be true for a great many people. HOWEVER, Matt has only had the device for a few days, and even with me going over 8 days with the Watch, I think it is far too early for either of us to be drawing these kinds of […]

  • Safari Reading List

    I’ve switched to and it’s fantastic.