This is a really great post on the coming content blockers for iOS. I personally cannot wait to get these. But it is going to be a massive change for the web, and bloggers specifically. For example: currently I run two analytics packages on this site (both in my own database, which I own), in Mint and Piwik. Now Mint doesn't honor “do not track” so every visitor not blocking that script is recorded. Piwik on the other hand does support “do not track” and so it won't track any browser with that option turned on, and it won't track those blocking the script either.

Why does that matter? Let me tell you why. Yesterday was a pretty typical day for the site, Mint tells me I had 949 unique visitors and 1,478 page views. That's a typical day for me. But what does Piwik tell me? It say I had 708 unique visitors and 1182 page views. So fewer unique visitors and fewer page views. Ad payouts are based on page views, by the way. And that's a dramatic difference if you rely on ads for money. The same people using do not track are likely to use content blockers — likely more people.

I'll be moving this site to just Piwik shortly and so my stats are going to drop like crazy, but I don't need those stats to make money with my site. And in fact you can use this site in Apple News (search for The Brooks Review and then scroll until you find it) with channels and everything laid out with no tracking from me.

Content Blockers and privacy in general is going to be a huge shift for every writer on the web. It's going to be fun.

Posted by Ben Brooks