John Gruber, commenting on a New York Times post about content blocking:

If you want to block all advertising, I don’t understand you, but I won’t argue with you either. No one’s going to stop you. But most people just want to block garbage — privacy-invasive trackers, JavaScript that slows our devices and drains our batteries, obtrusive ads that cover the content we’re trying to read.

Gruber has been very clear that he thinks it is wrong and almost illogical to block ads from The Deck. All I have to say is that Gruber’s site is very fast, loading on average in about 2.3 seconds or faster for me on iOS 9.

However, with content blocking turned on his site will load almost a full second faster, with three content blockers loading it that full second faster. So yes, Deck ads are nice, but even a very fast site can be much faster.

Note: I just completed speed testing all content blockers available for iOS to determine which is the best. *Daring Fireball was among my test sites. The article about my testing may, or may not, be behind the paywall when you see this post.*

Posted by Ben Brooks