The iPhone 6s Plus Video is Amazing

Come for the battery, stay for the video stabilization.

I’ve become one of those 6s Plus elitist who chastises their pals for using a non-plus model of an iPhone. There’s a lot of arguments to be made for the 6s Plus, but the biggest argument must be seen to be understood.

So here’s a video I shot with my 6s Plus. I shot it hand held. I shot it with one hand. My other hand was pushing a stroller back and forth to keep my daughter calm. I had no expectation of this video being still at all. And yet, it almost looks like it was shot on a tripod.

Rollercoaster from Ben Brooks on Vimeo.

I’m blown away by this video. I am blown away by the dozens of super stable videos I have shot with this phone. I’ve never been a video person because it always looks like a shaky pile of shit. The iPhone 6s Plus changes all that — now I want to be a video person. Good thing I got the 128gb model.

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