A Smattering of iPad Pro Thoughts Twenty-Four Hours Later

That thing bloggers do to try and stay relevant even though they didn’t get a review unit and really have not had time to form a full opinion on a new device. I’m doing that.

I’ve had my iPad Pro for just over twenty-four hours now, as the title implies, and to stem my emails I wanted to share a few early and rough thoughts about the device.

I set the iPad Pro up from scratch, which took much longer than I expected, and put my laptop away after that. I’ve only been using the iPad Pro as my computer since then, but it’s also only been a day so that’s nothing new or revolutionary. At this point there is no judgments I can make about the iPad Pro as a work device, I can only make guesses, so it’s not worth talking about.

I do have a few useful things to share at this point:

  • Since I have yet to get the Smart Keyboard, I have been using the Magic Keyboard with the iPad Pro. They look great together, but the iPad Pro is really finicky about the setup. Sometimes the on-screen keyboard will still pop up. Other times the keyboard will keep working, but no keyboard shortcuts will work. It’s bizarre and I hope iOS 9.2 fixes a lot of these things. Either way, flipping the keyboard on and off usually fixes the issue. I’ve done that a dozen or more times today. Annoying.
  • Nothing I have done on the device feels like the software is waiting on the hardware. Everything about the iPad Pro feels like the hardware is just waiting on the software. This is great, as it means each iOS update will only make the performance on the iPad Pro that much better.
  • Apps which have text entry focuses and are also not updated for the iPad Pro, are basically useless at this point. I include Ulysses in this assessment. Like on the iPhone, non-upgraded apps use the older keyboard layout and that is comically absurd on the iPad Pro. I’m typing this in Ulysses on my iPad Pro, but will be searching for another app to use after I publish this, while I wait for a Ulysses update. That’s basically the saddest thing I could write.
  • Mail.app looks fantastic on this screen. There’s a ton of white space around the margins of text in the message body and it just looks very clean. I really am liking it.
  • As many others have said, the sound is incredible. My wife and I watched Last Week Tonight in bed last night on the iPad Pro and I had to turn the volume down. I can’t think of a greater testament than that.

  • It is indeed big. A lot of people have been commenting on the size, but I have been waiting for a larger iPad like this for quite some time. I love the size. It’s a bit silly to try and hold and thumb type (actually not really possible to thumb type), but it just feels right to me. I loaded up The New York Times website and it actually felt like I was reading the newspaper in printed form. Such a cool experience. And where multi-tasking is odd on smaller iPads, it is borderline perfect on the iPad Pro.
  • I am fairly certain this will be my main machine in short order. I actually wonder how long I will go without needing my MacBook.
  • Your hands/arms do get tired reaching up to the screen. I noticed this a couple of times already, but I am not sure it is a deal breaker at all.
  • It’s all the best parts of iOS.
  • The new onscreen software keyboard is quite the change, but all in good ways. I can see a lot of people only using that keyboard for input, it really is that good.

There’s no real way to make a judgment call on this. It is very much just a larger iPad. And to many that will seem absurd, but if that is something you have ever wanted, then I think you will be immediately drawn to this device. And if you are drawn to it, I highly doubt it will disappoint you.

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