Who are you reading this for?

“Saving you time since I figured this out.”

Often I start reading an article which I saved to read later, and I think “yeah this is good stuff, I know it all, but it’s good stuff” and then I stop.

Why am I still reading this?

Who am I reading this for?

Typically, I find the answer is that it is for you, my readers, and that you are why I am still reading. Why? So I can link to it, since I won’t link to anything I haven’t entirely read, and I wouldn’t want my site feeling stale from a lack of posts.

But that just wasted both of our time in the end.

So lately I’ve just stopped reading at the point where I find myself questioning whether to keep going.

I don’t need to read it.

You probably don’t need to read it.

And my time is better spent doing something else like writing or reading things I don’t know or understand as well. Your time is better spent than seeing a half assed link about a topic which I’ve linked to half a dozen times. You’re smart, you get it. I’m smart, I get it too.

And right there I’ve saved a ton of my free time to write more. Yes, the site seems more stale, but who gives a shit?

I don’t. And I doubt you, my readers, notice it either.

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