Sketch Blog writes about their decision to leave the Mac App Store. This is a real shame as Sketch is amazing and having all your apps purchased from the Mac App Store is a way better experience for users setting up new Macs.

There’s been thousands of words spilled on this topic already, but I want to spill some different ones. Words directed at Sketch and not Apple.


Hi, big fan here. You’ve long said you won’t be coming to the iPad because you can’t be convinced it will be profitable. That’s very reasonable, but your life just got a lot harder moving outside the Mac App Store.

Now you can certainly make it, but you won’t have that sweet — sweet — free banner marketing from Apple. So that’s going to be a little more expensive for you.

So meet the iPad Pro.

It’s a hell of a device and maybe if you made a small thing to perhaps even just view Sketch files on the iPad (not the Mirror app) — perhaps that would give you an idea of interest. And then maybe give us some basic tools. See where things go, you don’t need to marry the device, but at least take it on some real dates.

The iOS App Store is better, not great, but better. I would love to have you on it.

Love usually,


Posted by Ben Brooks