Stephen Hackett on the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Cover:

All that said, if you can get used to reaching up and tapping the screen a good bit, using the Smart Keyboard is a much better experience than I first thought it would be.

I’ve seen this repeated a fair bit recently. The idea that using the Smart Keyboard with an iPad Pro means you are reaching up to the screen a lot. It is, frankly, bullshit.

I’ve been using only an iPad Pro since mid-November 2015 and have not seen this in practice. If you are just casually flipping to the iPad Pro, then yes you will find yourself reaching up a lot and thinking people are crazy.

In reality though, living with the device daily, you don’t tend to reach up much at all. If I’m scrolling, I am doing so with my wrist on the desk and my thumb flicking at the screen. Almost all the tasks I do on my iPad rarely require me to have my arm hovering in the air like a scene from Minority Report.

I was worried that my arms would tire, but it was unfounded. Add in some keyboard shortcuts, and adjusting for the device through time and use, and I find it far less tedious than contorting my hand to work on a trackpad all day long.

Posted by Ben Brooks