Good post from Watts Martin, responding to my post about the compelling features of iOS. He does have one part I disagree with:

I confess this strikes me as akin to those “As Seen on TV!” commercials trying to convince you how much time you’re wasting by not using their in-shell egg scrambler or electric rutabaga dicer or what have you. I don’t disagree with Brooks’s contention that the iOS approach is easier, but are there truly that many Mac or Windows users who spend hours dragging windows back and forth in anger and frustration?

Moom, Divvy, Keyboard Maestro, Spaces, Expose, SizeUp, Cinch, BetterSnapTool — that’s eight apps off the top of my head which are either dedicated, or can be used to, manage application windows on Mac OS X. Eight. So while I concede that it sounds a bit ‘As Seen on TV’ of me to bring up that point — it is very much a real problem with an ecosystem in place for profiting from trying to solve the issue.

Martin also points out the poor ergonomics. In truth this is a mixed bag. It’s no worse than using a laptop, and likely easier on your wrists as the keyboard (the Smart Keyboard Cover) is nearly flush to the desk. However it is the neck angle that is terrible. Beyond terrible.

There’s just no solving this right now — I do hope there is something I can figure out to alleviate that, but in practice I have not had many ill effects because I end up moving my computer around more. With a laptop it was on the desk.

With my iPad I pick it up to read in portrait, move about the house on calls, and yes, use it on the desk. Time will tell — I know Martin is right that the ergonomics are worse, but I don’t think it is wholly worse. For one: I leave my desk a lot more.

Posted by Ben Brooks