Christina Warren on the Freewrite(the entire post is a must read if you ask me):

Yup. You know why I think this product really upsets me? I buy everything. Like, seriously. I buy everything. I’m every horrible stereotype you can think of of an early adopter crossed with a label whore. I’m actually the worst type of consumer. But even me — someone who once backed an Instagram digital photo frame — is like, “you know what, I’m good.” Like this is too pretentious, even for me.

The Freewrite is a mechanical keyboard paired with a tiny e-ink screen for “focused” writing. It’s absurd. Even more than the price, $500, is the look of this thing. It is fucking ugly. It’s like what would happen if I decided to take all the toys my kids have and the gadgets I have, and tried to then go into my garage and make this. Actually, I could probably make it a little better.

This is fugly.

I am also getting damned tired of this need by people to have tools made to help them “focus”. Tools which turn of social media sites, or the Internet, or whatever.

Focus is a discipline, not a feature.

Posted by Ben Brooks