This is a laughably bad post. Boag states the iPad Pro is a death by a thousand cuts, yet only offers three/four weak reasons:

  1. It’s not a pro device despite it being called a pro device — he claims he will get to why later, but then calls that point 3.
  2. It has no file system. Which isn’t true, it’s just designed differently and one would assume a designer like Boag would understand that.
  3. This is an extension of his first point, which is essentially that the software isn’t there. What he really means is the software doesn’t feel pro, but his only example is Keynote. He mentions too that Safari serves only the mobile versions which hasn’t been my experience at all. But either way there is a serve full site button built in — perhaps he should take time to learn how to use an iPad.
  4. It’s hard to choose which device. This is the classic “Apple has too many options” argument and has no direct bearing on the iPad Pro.

This whole post is an eyeroller and honestly I thought it might be a joke. I mean his images aren’t even of the iPad Pro, they are just of an iPad — and a fucking iPad 2 at that.

But I don’t want this post to be a rant. I want to see if there is something we can learn from the failure of the iPad Pro, as user experience professionals.

Your post failed to do anything at all. ((I don’t even know why I posted this link, but I assume it is because of how funny the images are that I felt compelled to share it.))

Posted by Ben Brooks