Silicone Case for iPad Pro

It pains me to say this, but the iPad Pro is better with a case on it.

For the longest time now I’ve been very against most cases — especially on an iPad where thinner and lighter is better — but with the iPad Pro (12.9″) the silicone case is a must have purchase. It makes the iPad Pro better in every way, and my only regret is not buying it sooner.

I did have good reason for not buying it sooner — it is an $80 case which is simply not cheap when many others can be had for less. ((I tried two other cheaper ones from Amazon, and no thanks.)) I bit the bullet and snagged one at an impromptu stop to the Apple Store the other day. Glad I did too.

So what is better?

For starters: grip is far better. I didn’t realize how much I was struggling with grip, but I was. With the case on the iPad Pro sticks where I put it and is easier to hold in one hand while moving about.

The biggest gain though is durability. The iPad Pro is not a fragile device, but it is also far from rugged. This has always held it back for me. I stayed clear of the kitchen Without a case,, as all the grit and rough surfaces would scratch it up. But with the case that isn’t a concern of mine and now I have a huge screen for shows while cooking, or recipes I am following.

That’s the big change for me: the silicone case allows me to use the iPad with greater comfort, because I am less worried about the device: I use the device more.

Perhaps I will get to where I am with my iPhone and not worry about the life abuse that happens to the device. For now, it kills me listening to it scrape on a rough surface and the case makes all those fears dissipate.

Essentially an iPad Pro without the Silicone case is akin to a MacBook without those four little rubbery feet on the bottom. With the Silicone Case you get the same benefits of the little rubber MacBook feet: protects the smooth aluminum on the bottom of your device, while giving you more grip to keep things in place.

I highly recommend you try one out.

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