Everything about this passage is a big yep in my book:

A quick poll of my fellow Basecampers revealed that having no commute is their favourite thing about working from home, and the biggest block against considering coworking. I’m lucky in that the space I ran was down one flight of stairs from our apartment (which brought its own problems!), and any new shared office would be a short bike ride away. But, for me, an office door is enough separation between my work and life, and I’d rather spend my journey time walking the dog. Did I mention I have a dog?”

The moment I have to get in a car to do work, is the moment that working remotely is of less value to me. I have done long commutes to an office, and short 5-10min commutes to a shared workspace, and I loathed every moment I had to be in a car, no matter how short the drive was.

Posted by Ben Brooks