Strongbody Apparel reached out to tell me about their new Gastown Jacket which is already fully funded on Kickstarter. I personally think it looks like a great jacket — especially for the more casual wardrobes.

As a way for me to get to know the brand, Strongbody sent me over their essential workout tank, which is more like a sleeveless t-shirt than a traditional tank. Given the short amount of time I’ve had with the shirt, what I can say is:

  • This is a very comfortable shirt. It has a vented mesh channel down the back of it and overall I found the shirt to breathe very well and retain comfort all day long.
  • After a full day wearing the shirt as an undershirt and doing yard work in it, it didn’t stink. I smelled it myself and nothing, smelled clean. I was a bit amazed by that.

If the quality of this shirt is any indication, then I really look forward to seeing the Gastown jacket in person.

Finding one good jacket which will cover 90% of the travel I do, and still stuff down small is something I am still struggling with. Glad to see more and more jackets like this coming out.

Posted by Ben Brooks