Mike Isaac:

> In a quest to build Uber into the world’s dominant ride-hailing entity, Mr. Kalanick has openly disregarded many rules and norms, backing down only when caught or cornered. He has flouted transportation and safety regulations, bucked against entrenched competitors and capitalized on legal loopholes and gray areas to gain a business advantage. In the process, Mr. Kalanick has helped create a new transportation industry, with Uber spreading to more than 70 countries and gaining a valuation of nearly $70 billion, and its business continues to grow.

And to end it:

> But only momentarily. After all, Mr. Kalanick had faced off against Apple, and Uber had survived. He had lived to fight another day.

You likely saw the best part, where he was scolded by Cook, but these two bits are far more telling. The only way Uber stops being shady shitheads is if they face real consequences. They should have been pulled from the App Store immediately.

Posted by Ben Brooks