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A few quick thoughts on a bunch of smaller items.

I’ve been able to pick up a few of the County Comm items lately, so I thought it might be beneficial to go over some of them as this company really has some gems hidden away.

Pico Pulls

These tiny little cases come in Titanium, Derwin, Stainless Steel, Clear Plastic, and Brass. I snagged three from Massdrop and for the first time ever, I have a pill case on my keyring. It’s a bit odd, but I really love having it on there. It’s tiny, but holds two Advil pills, and one allergy pill. Basically the pill I often forget to take (allergy) and the pills I often need at kid birthday parties (advil).

They are a great bit of kit, but I’d encourage you to measure what you might want to put in them, they are seriously small and didn’t fit the migraine medicine I was hoping would fit. That said, I ended up with it on my keyring because of how fantastic it is to have ready access to this stuff. I would gladly recommend these cases.

Titanium EDC Tweezers

I’ve mentioned these tweezers a few times. They are titanium and come in two sizes (way small, and big). I love them so much, I bought another set of them. The small ones are great for snagging slivers, and the larger ones make for a very handy tool — I’ve been using them a lot for all sorts of random stuff I might otherwise struggle to get done. If your primary use case is slivers, the small is the one you want.

Seriously nice bit of kit and they constantly go out of stock.

Key Amigo Titanium Key Clip

I also grabbed a Titanium belt hook from County Comm, which also doubles as a bottle opener (seriously, what doesn’t at this point). It weighs nothing (5.6 grams), and is meant to allow you a great way to “hang” your keys from the top edge of your pants pocket. This actually reduces the bulk of your keys in the pocket.

While it looks cool, and adds no weight, I don’t see the benefit to carrying keys this way. I do, however, keep it on my keyring because it is handy in bags. I can clip the keys to the top of an internal divider, or MOLLE webbing and be sure it will stay somewhat there (not exterior MOLLE). Which is handy for me when I am traveling and want to keep my keys from flinging out of my bag on accident.

However, I wouldn’t buy this again. It’s not a bad product, but it isn’t for me.

1×4 Deluxe Technician’s Pocket Screwdriver

I picked this one up to keep in my Bug Out Bag. Small screwdrivers are typically far more handy to have than their larger counterparts. In part because the larger variants are much easier to come buy, but the stuff I felt like I might most need to deal with, would benefit from a smaller driver.

The tool itself is really solid and well made. No complaints, but also nothing revolutionary here.

EOD Robotics Breacher Bar

I’ve had this for a long time now, it’s like a big flat, burly pry bar. I don’t know what most people use it for, but I beat the crap out of mine and it’s way handy to keep in your home tool kit as a small pry bar. It’s not for everything, but damn do I love it.

3/32″ Tether Nylon Cord

This is one of the best things I’ve received from County Comm. The 3/32″ Tether cord is not to be confused with the massively more popular Paracord 550, but I would argue that for most people it is far more useful. Yes, I still pack paracord for survival things, but I use this far more often.

It ties much easier, and is much more compact, while still being extremely strong. I keep a bunch in every car, as it makes for a more practical tie down for loads than paracord. And it’s much cheaper.

Highly recommend.

I’ve been buying stuff from County Comm for a while now, and the gist with most of their stuff is that it works well, is well made, and it’s nothing more than that. For many that’s all you want, and for some it can leave you underwhelmed. I’d say the Pico Pill cases are near perfect for what I use them for. Everything else is good, and interesting, but not much more.

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