Joe Cieplinski:

Look, I get that I’m the nut who doesn’t want to use Facebook. I’m not even saying don’t post your stuff to Facebook. But if Facebook is the only place you are posting something, know that you are shutting out people like me for no good reason. Go ahead and post to Facebook, but post it somewhere else, too. Especially if you’re running a business.

I’m not sure there is a blog post I’ve agreed with more.

Another thought that strikes me: this seems like exactly the type of problem which is setup to “fix” in a way. Dead simple publishing, with crossposting. If were to add crossposting into a Facebook account/page (not sure if that is possible or not) I think there’s a strong case for everyone and every business to use as their centralized system. It could go to all your “socials” and to your website blog. You cover all the bases, with one click on a platform that actually respects you, your readers, and the web in general. Perfection.

Posted by Ben Brooks