MG Siegler talking about his comfort and like of Alexa devices, has this to say about Siri:

Yes, I could ask Siri to do this as well. But, well, that’s not the relationship I have with Siri. Our relationship is more about pulling up random facts about a city when we’re out and about, walking around.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I loathe Alexa devices. I don’t want one in my house, and if I showed up to a hotel room with one — I’d promptly unplug it. Same goes for a Google based device, or Facebook — these companies don’t have my privacy in their best interest. I question Apple’s HomePod too.

But I don’t get the non-use of Siri here. Hang on, let me step back first.

I’ve been around Alexa devices, used them enough, to know exactly what you get from them. I find them annoying at best. “ALEXA!” They aren’t overly smart if you ask me.

Neither is Siri.

But, Siri is always there. On your iPhone/iPad with a simple “Hey Siri” command. What’s more is that it’s tied to my voice on my devices. It’s not uncommon for there to be 2-3 iOS devices in a room at once in our house, and for one of my wife or me, to shout “hey Siri” to set a timer/remind/whatever. And the right device is the only one to respond.

Why would you prefer Alexa over that?

I don’t get this love of Alexa at all.

Posted by Ben Brooks