Charles Duhigg, in a long winding post about all the ills facing our society from these massive tech companies, encapsulates the issue really well here:

Put differently, if you love technology — if you always buy the latest gadgets and think scientific advances are powerful forces for good — then perhaps you ought to cheer on the antitrust prosecutors. Because there is no better method for keeping the marketplace constructive and creative than a legal system that intervenes whenever a company, no matter how beloved, grows so large as to blot out the sun. If you love Google, you should hope the government sues it for antitrust offenses — and you should hope it happens soon, because who knows what wondrous new creations are waiting patiently in the wings.

His look at how Microsoft could have (should have?) crushed Google is very telling. Even if you don’t believe the idea that Google is “evil”, then you should at least believe that it’s not in Google’s best interest to help competitors…

Posted by Ben Brooks