2018 Gift Guide: 10 Gifts Worth Giving

The expensive time of the year, unless you got married earlier this year.

This is a gift guide designed to optimize my affiliate revenue over the next 6 weeks. Also, I hand picked these items and I think they are really great. Whichever makes you feel better.

  • Bond Travel Gear Tool Roll: I love this thing and at $39, I mean no brainer. I keep mine ready to go at all times. I really like the design of this, and even though it is a tad bulky, it’s so very useful and stores a ton in an organized and easy to get to manner. Good stuff.
  • Woom bike: ok, these are absurdly expensive, but my kid couldn’t ride without training wheels before we got her this. She was riding just fine days after getting this. So it’s $369, that’s a lot, but ask yourself just how long you want to spend trying to teach your kid. I even took mine to an REI class and they couldn’t get her riding. Then we got this. The link is for a 3, but you might need a 2 depending on the size of your kid. Highly recommend this bike. One last note: these bikes come with no training wheels and aren’t made to work with any.
  • A Watch: I’ve been on a watch kick lately and I’ll recommend a few for all styles and budgets you may encounter. The Bambino is my top pick for any man, it’s fantastic. Also the Hamilton Khaki line is just stellar and classic. For the budget, I really like the Casio MDV106.
  • Swiss Army Knife: even if they have a ton of knives, there’s something about a Swiss Army knife that makes it always great to get. I recommend that cadet, but if you want something with more, get this one. Both are under $40.
  • Reylight Pineapple Flashlight: if you can only have one flashlight, this is up there with all other options. It feels like a very expensive light, but is only $50. And the color accuracy, functions, and brightness are stellar. I have two of these, I love them.
  • GORUCK GR1: look this fucker is $400 now, and I’m still recommending it, because it’s the best out there. Yeah, a Bullet Ruck would make a good gift too, and great one, but only if they have a GR1 already. And if it helps at all the GR2 is $500. Get the 26L, unless the person is under 5” 10”, then get the 21L. It’s the best backpack on the market and the last one you’ll ever have to buy.
  • Baron Fig Confidant: Get the really big one, because it’s really great. It’s so great that it is on this list even though I don’t earn any affiliate money from it.
  • AirPods: shit these are good.
  • Bluffworks: I cant decide here. The Meridian shirt is a fave of mine, as is the Grammercy Blazer and Pants. You can’t go wrong with any of those.
  • Wool and Prince Shirts: while Bluffworks makes great stuff, the Wool and Prince button downs and t-shirts are outstanding. Most people who get these, wish they had more, so getting one as a gift would be awesome. (No, my wife doesn’t read this site. Ugh.)

Crap, a full 30% of the list isn’t affiliate linked, I suck at this.

Note: This site makes use of affiliate links where and when possible. These links may earn this site money when utilized. 


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