Speaking of lifestyle changes, this post at Working Mother, has this tidbit that bothers me:

Instead of work and life outside of the office being two totally separate parts of our lives, Bezos envisions a more harmonic relationship between the two. In his world, work and life outside of work are reciprocal rather than competing, compartmentalized parts.

First, this coming from Bezos is fucking rich. Secondly, I think this is still not the right way to think about it. Work and ‘life’ should not be things that happen at set points during the day. I often told people when bringing them on in my last job, that I didn’t care when they work or for how long, just get the job done and do it well.

I told them that if that meant leaving for an hour mid-morning to grocery shop, and then working later, that’s great. Life shouldn’t be hard, as a “boss” I always felt it was asinine to make life harder by making someone be chained to set hours when they “have” to work.

Posted by Ben Brooks