New GORUCK Goods

Ohhh, it’s not really a bag, but it is cool.

The new Ruck Plate carrier is sweet looking, I snagged one. The founder of GORUCK mentioned on Reddit that this is more of a conditioning tool for people and not really something to look at as a means for replacing the more expensive rucks. In other words, for most rucking activities a Ruck is better, but I am going to give this a go for my rucks.

Main reason being it looks more stealth and less like a weird guy in a nice neighborhood wearing a tactical backpack. But also because it takes up less surface area so I should stay cool, and I don’t carry water anyways when I ruck so the capacity is of little need — all the while this looks to have the same straps I love from GORUCK. This comes in three sizes, allow me to tell you I picked standard. They size this with strap measurements and my GR1 26L I normally wear has the same strap size as the standard plate carrier, despite GORUCK seeming to imply otherwise. So that seemed to fit what I wanted. I guess. We shall see. I am excited about this one though.

They also released a face mask — I didn’t buy because logo on it. But yeah.

One more thing I will point out is the new Tac-Hat, which looks sweet. I need to get one. I also want that new training gear they have. I have found that GORUCK’s clothing is fantastic.

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