Chicago Carbon Fiber Combs

I combed through all the combs online and this one came out ahead. It seems a to be at least a hair better than the rest.

I don’t think I have ever put thought into a hair comb before, but I did this time. Couldn’t be happier that I did too.

The Why

Over the past couple years I have been keeping my hair a touch longer than I had in the past. Which means I often needed to at least comb my hair when I got out of the shower. COVID, of course, added to the length of my hair.

This presented two issues: I had one comb, so I just needed a new comb; and I also felt like if I were to show up to the office, I would need a comb (as it is I use it a ton between video calls because I am vain).

And if I am going to buy a new comb, I should spend my money on something good. Right? I think so, I always think so.

The Comb

I quickly eliminated all other combs because Chicago Comb clearly states they make the worlds finest combs — and I see no reason to doubt this. I picked up two of their professional grade carbon fiber combs, both model No. 6. One I got with the leather sleeve, the second without.

I love them.

I am not sure how to review a comb here. I mean it does comb my hair — so that’s good. I’ve had no issues with it. But otherwise it is a comb.

Chicago Comb states:

Made of a very high quality carbon fiber composite that’s ultra smooth, strong, and light. Carbon fiber is also naturally anti-static, unlike traditional plastic combs which can give you unpleasant “static shock.” It’s also heat- and chemical-resistant, unlike regular combs, and is far more durable. A truly professional-grade comb.

I mean, fine. But also it feels more brittle than a standard plastic comb. Where most plastic combs feel like it is 50/50 they will bend or snap in the event of something bad happening, these are 100% on the side of snapping if something bad were to happen. It’s just that it would take unlikely amount of force to get to the point of snapping.

Ultimately I bought both of these for taking places. One for my travel kit, and one for my work briefcase. And on that front the durability and light weight nature are the most important. It checks durability boxes, as well as light weight, and still combs your hair. On top of all that, it’s not absurdly expensive starting around $15.

As for the leather case: I do wish I had gotten one for both. Completely unnecessary, but super nice touch. Feels fancy.

Compared to my standard, buy at the drug store, plastic comb, it feels much different. The plastic bends a bit more as you comb your hair and thus feels a touch softer. But the carbon fiber is smoother and stronger and glides through my hair. Also, over roughly the same amount of time, the carbon fiber comb has remained clean looking, whereas we all know how funky a plastic comb can start to look.


So yeah, it’s a pretty great comb, you should get one.

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