Morgrie RK68B, Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

This is quite possibly the best keyboard on the market right now.

There’s a chance this is end game level here. Only time will tell, but this is an extremely good keyboard which gives me a nice hybrid solution of Bluetooth and mechanical, while being very low friction to use. I love this keyboard, so no more fluff, I’ll tell you why you need one or two.


The switches are Kailh choc, and in my case the white ones which are a clicky tactile switch. They are basically a lower profile cherry switch of sorts I guess would be my ‘I am not a keyboard nerd’ explanation for you.

The switches offer decent feedback on each key press, and a nice click to each press — the travel isn’t as long as other switches, but much better than something like Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It’s enough that you know this is better than most of the other shit on the market, but not so much that you are like “all mechanical keyboards should use these switches”.

The downside is the stems, because as far as I know there are not many (if any) alternate keycaps one can find. So buy this with the expectation that you are going to use what it comes with. Currently there is an white with orange accent option and a white with lots of turquoise which is what I opted for.

Overall I wish the switches wear slightly quieter, but I really do like them and they are just generally good to great. They are not the loudest I own, but they are loud enough that in a more open environment you might slowly drive someone else mad.


This is a standard layout for a 68 key keyboard, with dedicated arrow keys at the bottom right and a row of four special keys along the right edge. One nice note is that the keyboard is setup such that if you do not need F keys, you’ll basically be fine using the keyboard without any crazy modifier-fu.

And they doubled down on that by making the bluetooth switching done via dedicated buttons on the edge of the keyboard, not with a Fn key — a huge usability win as I hate trying to remember where that is located on other keyboards. The dedicated on/off switch and switches for devices are most excellent, highly encourage all keyboard people to take note.


As I mentioned, there are dedicated buttons which is something I am clearly in love with. The keyboard itself is Bluetooth 5.1 and is setup to connect to three devices with a dedicated button for each. There’s also a USB-C port for both charging the keyboard, or using wired. I’ll note that you can use the keyboard in bluetooth mode while charging it without any problems. A big win, if like me, you find yourself running out of battery mid-sentence since I never remember to charge keyboards.

Generally, the sleep time is long enough that you never have to worry about it, and reconnecting is very fast an efficient. I’ve had essentially no problems with connectivity or charging on this keyboard. It’s all been stellar. Whereas other bluetooth keyboards seem to have issues reconnecting, this model is far more aggressive. I think this is slightly to the detriment of battery life, but I would prefer that trade off.


I have the blue model, and it is outstanding looking. The case itself is metal, so the keyboard has serious heft. But mostly it is something that looks so pretty you wonder if it sucks to type on, but no, it is a joy to type on.

The low profile nature of the entire setup makes it look extra clean and generally really modern. It looks stellar.


My only complaint is that the key caps could have more sculpting to them and thus aid me with moving faster across the keyboard (I really like SA keycaps for this reason). This is a minor complaint as this keyboard really feels like it was designed by people who take keyboards seriously. The profile on the keycaps take about a week to dial in, but from there you are off to the races.

For years I have been lamenting the lack of bluetooth mechanical keyboard options. I have been putting up with wiring keyboards to my iPads and watching them suck my iPad battery dry like they are me being handed a Slurpee. And then the rare bluetooth mechanical keyboards out there are lacking in some way shape or form — typically in the design. So many want to be too much when all I want is a great typing experience and a desk that looks clean and pretty.

This keyboard hits all the right marks. I have been telling people I know to just buy one. It’s $145, not cheap but not too expensive either. I think it is worth every penny, and I am guessing you will too. Wireless, mechanical, good looking, and ready to make your iPad setup even better. This keyboard is all I use now.

Buy them.

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