LULULook Magnetic Urban iPad Stand

This is my favorite commercially available iPad stand.

I recently received this stand as a gift, and it is supremely good. So we are going to dive right in. This a simple stand for the iPad Pro models (two different stands for the two different models) which allows you to magnetically connect your iPad to the stand — it raises your iPad up a little more, and allows a lot of different angles and articulation for the device.

It is one of my favorites.

Or, you can buy it here and see for yourself.

Connecting & Adjusting

The big thing with this stand: there are no fussy clamps, or questionable lips that your iPad rests against. Instead you are greeted with a flat piece of aluminum which has a softer rubber surface and a small white line to indicate “bottom” for helping to orient your iPad on it. Place the back of your iPad against this surface, and it magnetically sticks to it. And it’s a strong stick. You will need two hands to remove the iPad — one to grab the iPad and the other to keep the stand in place.

Once on the stand, you have the ability to rotate the iPad to and from portrait/landscape, as well as angle it up/down and side/side — additionally you can do diagonals. If you’ve ever had an iPad stand and felt limited by the articulation range, this should quench that thirst for you.

Adjusting the iPad is pretty simple, just grab and move it around — usually you need two hands to hold the base in place. But the adjustment isn’t overly firm, nor is it too loose. I’ve never had the iPad move out from where I set it, but I’ve also never had a large struggle to move it to where I want it to be.

This is essentially the key feature of this stand. It’s really well executed, there’s no other iPad stand I know of that nails the friction of the angle adjustment as well as this does.

Height / Ergo

The entire purpose of a stand for your iPad Pro is to facilitate better (i.e. more comfortable) ergonomics. To get the screen up a little higher so you are not looking down — either for using the device, or a more flattering angle on video calls. A secondary benefit is making the iPad better to work with an external keyboard/trackpad.

On that front this stand falls a little short (heh). It’s certainly higher up than the Magic Keyboard, but not as high as I would ideally like it to be. Even an inch higher would do wonders (keep in mind my primary setup is a VESA mounted arm that sets my iPad very high up). This is by no means bad, and it can be very good if you use the iPad in portrait on the stand, but for horizontal uses it’s about par for the course with iPad stands.

tl;dr Better than not using a stand, marginally better than most generic Amazon-sold stands, not better than what you truly need it to be for longer term use.


There’s no shortage of iPad stands which look very similar to this one. I’ve owned a lot of them. But this one does it best. Because even on a less than solid surface, there’s no screen bounce. There’s no ugly clamps. There’s nothing which isn’t aluminum showing. There’s very clean lines and nothing to get in the way of a pencil, or constantly changing orientations on the device.

Looks are excellent.


I love this stand. If I didn’t have my own VESA stand, I would own two of these. This stand solved a gap for me, and it’s now what I use at my house whenever I need to setup my weekend writing station (hint: every weekend). It’s very good, and very simple to use and store.

I really love this stand.

You can still, buy it here.

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