Evergoods Civic Access Pouch 1L (CAP1)

This is easily the best everyday pouch I have tested.

This is an amazing pouch — I don’t normally start reviews like that, but I feel like it needs to be said, since I’ve generally not loved a lot of the stuff Evergoods produces. But this pouch? This is my favorite pouch. I am not sure I can even accurately encapsulate why this pouch is so good, but I shall try.

Size and Stuff

As the name suggests this is a 1L pouch, but if like me that’s meaningless to you when it comes to cord management, then I shall tell you that the dimensions on this are: 10” x 5.75” x 0.75”. Which is also like “wow that’s kind of small, I bet it’s like a mini Wire Dopp” — wrong. It holds more than a full sized Wire Dopp, and I know this because that’s what I moved from and then I added more stuff in to the pouch — I am honestly still surprised by this.

So yeah, all the measurements and volume ratings are meaningless here because Evergoods has some design magic in this pouch which allows it to be thin and flat when empty, or bulbous and huge when stuffed.

The pouch is made from 420D high-tenacity nylon with a 210D HT liner and spacer mesh type stuff inside. There’s a magnetic clasp to clamshell it together, and two zippers in the pouch. It has one strip of webbing across the back to work as a handle or a method for attaching/securing it to something else.

Inside you get one full sized zippered section with a divider, and one 2/3 split zipper side which also has a divider but the divided section is not split at all. It’s dead simple. On the outside is the now brand-affirming square velcro loop area for a patch.

If a Wire Dopp feels like brutalist-minimalism in pouch form, this is well actually I don’t know architecture that well, this is just fucking nice. It feels very high quality and well thought out in hand, and in use too.

Using It, Like A Lot

When I first snagged this pouch, I took everything out of a Mini Wire Dopp and stuffed it in this pouch, then everything out of another pouch and it all fit. I was baffled. What you might not know is that I use/access stuff in this pouch everyday pulling it in and out of my backpack to get at things. On the first go, I felt that ‘click’. When you use pouches as much as I use this one throughout the day, the flaws become apparent quickly, and many you put up with because it has the least amount of suffering — none of that here, it’s just good.

Then we left for Disney World and I needed to do my classic overpacking of chargers. So I did that all in the CAP1, it took it all. Still don’t fully get how it does, but the pouch has actual 3D volume to it, which you can see in the dart stitches at each corner. Because the material is not so dense, it can flatten out nicely, or expand seemingly like magic. Anyways, it handled that trip like a pro.

A lot of pouches look like this pouch, but none of them work as well as this. I’ve raved about the expansion ability, so I’ll skip that. The magnetic clasp to secure it in clamshell is something I never knew I wanted. It is so fast to open and close this, and yet it stays neatly closed in my bag always. I cannot tell you how nice that is day to day when you go in and out of a pouch a ton. There’s no effort or thought needed to unfold or fold up the pouch. So all you really need to think about is which of the two zippers you need to get stuff from.

At first I though the dividers were a little annoying, but I’ve come to appreciate them. If you keep smaller bits in the visible sections, and larger/bulky things behind the pouch expands correctly and works really well. Even the pockets are sized correctly.

I only have one single complaint about the overall design: sometimes when the mesh areas are full with small bits, and the back sections have awkwardly shaped items (like a charger) — you unzip the section smaller things can start to slide out from the spacer mesh area (top to bottom). That’s not ideal. I’ve yet to have something come completely out, but this can feel a little sloppy if the pouch is really loaded up. That’s a small thing, but still a thing — it’s basically the only thing.


Since getting this pouch, I’ve not bothered trying to move to any other pouch. I cannot think of a higher rating to give a pouch than that statement.

The price is annoying on this, at $65$75 I felt it wasn’t worth it when I bought it. Having it now, it is fine. It’s not great, but it is totally fine. It’s a nicer bit of kit that you expect, and it’s insanely nice to use.

It’s my go everywhere pouch now, and I love it.

Buy here, $75.

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