Ben’s 2022 Gift Guide for Readers to Give to Gift Buyers

My guide you can give to someone looking to buy you gifts, or just a good list of stuff to buy for yourself.

Welcome: this is for you to buy yourself something nice; or to send to someone who is wanting to buy you something nice, but finds you impossible. Let’s dive right in with the guide, I set it up by price brackets…

$1 – $50

  • RovyVon: just about anything from them has proven to be fantastic and there’s a wide range of price options. The Angel Eyes E5 in the GITD ($48) is a stand out for me. I’d shop for these on Amazon at this point, otherwise shipping can take a bit longer than wanted.
  • County Comm’s silicone mats and parts trays. Jumbo ($15), standard ($8), work mat ($20) are great additions for anyone, even if they don’t tinker. They are a nice surface to store stuff on, and all that.
  • Car wash gift certificates, to whatever car wash is closest to their house. This is one of those things where it’s just such a nice little perk. And, you know, if you have a bunch on hand you always have a gift to give someone who unexpectedly brings you a gift.
  • Satechi chargers, especially this one ($30).
  • Swiss Army Knife: it doesn’t even matter if they have one already, because you can never have too many. They are fantastic. I like the Tinker ($27).
  • Anker USB-C cables ($19), these are fantastic feeling, luxury purchase for sure, I mean it’s a USB-C cable but it’s also the USB-C cable to get.
  • Casio Duro MDV-106 ($49): this is the best value in watches. Stellar watch.

$51 – $100

  • Casio GA2100 ($89), yes it’s a GSHOCK but it’s outstanding looking and performing. If you want to get something for a person who lives a more casual style, this is the watch.
  • FourSevens Preon P1 mkIII ($55): absolute favorite of mine, and a stellar little light you can drop in your pocket that takes up very little room, while still being handy.
  • Sofirn’s LT1 ($89): still one of the best lanterns on the market, and a killer value. Great buy for anyone who spends time outdoors.
  • Leather Service Watch Pouch ($80): great little pouch for traveling with watches, works best for someone who wears/travels with watches on a bracelet.
  • Wera Tool-Check Plus ($99) ($73 on Amazon): absolutely fantastic quality tools, and a stellar set.
  • Knipex Cobra XS Set ($95): these are so cute, and a great buy for almost anyone reading this site. Even if they have them already, the more the merrier.

$101 – $250

  • Seiko SRPE51 ‘DressKX’ ($175), for the person who spends most of their life in cities with the occasional dip out. This watch will handle whatever is asked of it, and it will blend into any style.
  • Prometheus Beta QRv2 ($79) w/ Pocket Clip ($25): you need to buy them both, so it’s a little more than you initially think. This is the smallest/lightest weight flashlight I carry — still packs a useful punch.
  • Mystery Ranch’s District 18 ($149) or 24 ($165), is likely to be a hit with whomever you gift it to. It will handle dad duties, EDC, office, travel, and the occasional trail really well. Good stuff.
  • Hogue Deka in Magnacut ($128): great EDC knife, huge value, and something that is not as common. A good pick for someone you are not sure their taste in knives, as it is hard to go wrong here.
  • Tactile Knife Co’s Bexar ($199): if you are buying for someone who could use a damned knife, but maybe doesn’t have many. Or someone who tends to value a little more style — maybe even someone who just goes into an office a lot. This is one of the best knives on the market, flat out.
  • FourSevens MX3F ($165): amazing light for someone who tends to do a lot of work in the dark, or walks a lot when the sun isn’t up. It’s a sturdy workhorse, and very impressive. For the individual who has yet to understand the world of ultralight gear.
  • Prometheus Alpha Executive Pen ($175+): this is my favorite pen to EDC, and it takes Montblanc refills which makes it a gem to write with.

$251 – $500

  • GORUCK’s Heritage lineup of bags are really something special — get the heritage look, with a modern and comfortable bag design. The GR1 ($415) and Bullet ($345) are both awesome snags there.
  • Filson’s Original Briefcase ($450): is an absolute classic which has that timeless look that only gets better with age. Perfect for almost anyone and any style.
  • Benchmade’s Mini Freek ($306): fantastic pick if you want to kick up the budget a little more on a well made knife, which is readily available. It’s a great and versatile design, and a very well executed knife.
  • Winkler SD2/SD1 ($295): this is a great, and smaller, fixed blade knife. A great option for someone who works outdoors a lot, but is still rather practical with their needs.

$501 – $1,000

  • Seiko 1959 Alpinist Re-Issue ($545): excellent watch for folks who spend their day in the office, but hit the trails on the weekends. This watch looks really fancy, is fancy, and is incredibly well made. But it has the specs and durability to back it all up, and be a true ‘one watch’ for almost anyone — it’s more than just a looker.
  • Ricoh GR IIIx ($985): stellar little camera which packs a huge punch. Easy to carry, and exceptional photo quality. A great buy for someone who wants to take photography a little more seriously, but who wants a discreet camera.
  • iPad Pro ($799+): Everyone is better off with an iPad Pro.
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