Galen Leather Pen Pouch

My new go to pen storage pouch, and occasional EDC companion.

I had been wanting a nice way to store my pens. Something I could easily take the pens in and out of, I could carry with me, which kept them safe from other things in my bag, and from other pens in the pouch.

I stumbled on the Galen Leather Pen Pouch, and picked it up a while back.

It’s fantastic, I’ll keep this short…

In Use

This is a leather pen pouch, which holds five pens, each in their own slot. The lid is molded such that it wants to stay closed, and is held by a magnetic closure. All in all, the fit and finish is top notch stuff.

Here’s a few notes since I have been using it for a while now:

  • It’s really lovely looking. Each time I interact with it, I love the way it looks. Very clean, yet is developing nice patina with use.
  • Bulky and heavy: it’s hard to get around the fact that it is leather, and it is bulky. This is not a trim case you drop into your backpack to easily carry a few pens. It’s a chunk of leather, and really not lightweight.
  • This case has great protection for your pens. Even though it’s not padded, the case is not likely to let your pens be harmed by anything other than seriously being crushed, or dropped quite significantly.
  • I really like how nicely spaced out all the pens in the case are, such that you can clip a pen into the sleeve, and still not let the clips touch each other.
  • This case even fits my largest pen, and comes with a wooden dowel to help stretch the sleeves further if you find them too small for your pen. A really nice touch.

I don’t carry this everyday with me, but my pens now live in it, and occasionally travel with me to the office in it. It’s been exactly what I wanted.


I’m a fan, but I recognize this is a niche product. If you need something to really keep your pens free of scratches, and damage, this is great, assuming you like the look. But if it’s something you are traveling with, or wanting to lay open on a desk to get at your pens — that’s not this case.

Otherwise, really nicely done and a solid price. Galen looks to have a lot of other great looking offerings too…

Buy here, $69.

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